Yes there will be Rigo Tovar bioseries for next year!

Juan Gabriel’s family lawyer teamed up with the singer’s widow to make the series.

Isabel Martínez, the widow and only legitimate wife of Rigo Tovar, is preparing the singer’s bioseries, so she partnered with the lawyer Guillermo Pous, who handles all the affairs of Juan Gabriel’s family in order to carry it out.

Although at the moment he has refused to give details, it is known that he sought the lawyer to protect himself from any lawsuit from his other ex-partners and from the 20 children that Rigo had and so that together they can work not only in the bioseries, but also in a book and a film about the interpreter of “El Sirenito”, who was the first Mexican singer to obtain a diamond disc.

Last year the news broke that Televisa would carry out the bioseries and that they had even done casting for the characters, but from one moment to the next the project that Isabel now wants to resume and present to the highest bidder was canceled.