Paul Stanley says they could make his dad's bioseries; he would like to interpret it

Since Paola Durante and Mario Bezares announced that they are producing a series in which they will tell what they lived after the death of Paco Stanley, Paul, the driver’s son, was questioned about this issue, of which he had no knowledge until he was informed by the press. After this, Paul Stanley and his brothers have taken legal action, and they are also considering the possibility of making a bio-series of his father.

In an interview with various media, which was taken up by the journalist Edén Dorantes, Paul Stanley stated that he and his brothers have been in contact with the lawyer Guillermo Pous so that no one can use the name or brand of his father.

“My brothers agree with the lawyer Guillermo Pous and we are doing well what we should have done for a long time, which is to put everything about my father in shape. My brother was the executor of my father’s inheritance, we are the owners of the Paco Stanley name, the Paco Stanley brand and everything that has to do with him ”, said the driver.

Paul Stanley pointed out that he and his siblings seek to make either a bio-series, documentary or a book to tell the story of Paco Stanley.

“We would love to do many things so that they would know the television icon that was Paco Stanley because of course they want to go to the tragic end, but Paco Stanley was not only that. The three of us are in the best disposition to do our best so that my father is well remembered ”.

As for if a series were made, Paul Stanley mentioned that he would like to play his dad on the small screen as they are very similar.

“I would love to embody it, we look a bit alike, my eyes are missing. It would be something very nice, to feel my father, for everything that happened, from the beginning, since he joined Televisa. His story is very beautiful, it is about a person who fought and exploited his talent, on the one hand he changed television, the way he drives ”.

Finally, regarding the series that Paola Durante and Mario Bezares want to make, Paul commented that he has nothing against them and that he simply wants to have the rights to the name of his father.

“There is nothing personal, we are doing things well, in accordance with the law like Paco Stanley’s children and we also want to have control of everything that is said about my boss, Paco Stanley, more than that of the last day.”