They will make a film, documentary and even a telenovela about María Félix

María Félix, “La Doña”, diva from the golden age of Mexican cinema, will once again resonate on the screens and even in the theater.

Her universal heir, Luis Martínez de Anda, partnered with the lawyer Guillermo Pous and the Pink Tiger Group company to carry out various projects.

“Work is underway to produce a documentary parallel to a film, which is very early in pre-production. There is also a staging and a soap opera ”, said Pous.

The rights specifically for a television series do not have them because previously the heir of “La Doña” had started this project with another company, whose name he did not want to reveal, before signing with them.

“There is a contract that Don Luis signed many years ago and which is being reassessed due to a series of breaches,” said Pous.

That is why there could be a renegotiation to claim that right, he added.

“I approached Luis Martínez de Anda when I saw that there were two people who commented that they had rights and a relationship with the life and image of María Félix, I did a little research, I found out in what conditions or situation he was, I approached Mr. Luis and I presented him with a project.

“Beyond just being in legal services, it included a 360, that is, a part that is the representation, the management of media or public relations, the administration of intellectual property and the production of these contents that are the docuseries, the film, a staging and a novel ”.

He noted that the heir accepted the project seeing that it was a solid and forceful offer and was pleased with the results it could produce.