Pink Tiger Group

Who are we?

Created to connect projects and generate efforts aimed at positioning, consolidating and promoting brands, products and / or services, through the use of specific communication tools that support the business strategy and, thus, promote visibility, positioning and demand perfectly directed to the consumer.

The detailed treatment that must be given in the hiring and administration for this kind of services, allows, with our experience, to create or potentiate the perfect embodiment for each of our clients under the strictest and purest marketing standards.

With more than 20 years in the professional representation related to the art, communication, culture, sports, publishing, entertainment, fashion, advertising and technology industries, he also has extensive solvency and professionalism in the production of shows and events, management media, public relations and control in the management of crisis situations; thus, achieving the “sale or generation of experiences” through achievements that cause unique and decisive opportunities.

Our work model is a magnificent alternative, completely profitable and, above all, with verifiable and proven results, producing an important dynamic of communication with the consumer public, which has allowed it to continue generating specialization and decisive experience in business modalities and alternatives.

Being allies of one of the leading law firms in intellectual property and entertainment, we have offices in the main cities where industry business is generated worldwide to provide added value in comprehensive legal advice including dynamically generating communication and certainty with the consuming public through its platforms and social networks and our clients in any of its aspects.




Specialists in intellectual property, regulatory and administrative law, we take our clients to navigate the market in Mexico and the States.



We develop content focused on stories for film and television, representing the most important figures for Latin America and the US Hispanic market.

Relaciones públicas


Media promotion and crisis control with coverage in the most important media in Mexico and the US for the Hispanic market.



We turn products and people into brands that can cause a social and economic impact on an international level.



We carry out the negotiation and approach with the main participants from the film, music and television industries.


María Félix

María de los Ángeles Güereña; Álamos, 1914 – Mexico City, 2002. Mexican film actress. La Doña is undoubtedly an emblematic woman for Latin America.


Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes (Mexico City, August 12, 1911-Ibidem, April 20, 1993), known worldwide as Cantinflas, was a Mexican mime, actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian of the Golden Age.

Rigo Tovar

Rigoberto Tovar García, better known as Rigo Tovar H. Matamoros, Tamaulipas; March 29, 1946 – Mexico City; March 27, 2005 was a Mexican singer and musician. He is considered the father of grupera and tropical music, a pioneer who introduced modern instruments to the customary endowment within tropical music and cumbia.

Paco Stanley

Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, better known as Paco Stanley, was a television host who revolutionized morning programs in Latin America with his spontaneity and sympathy with the public.

Isabel Miranda de Wallace

María Isabel Miranda de Wallace (1951, Mexico City) Due to the kidnapping and murder of her son Hugo Alberto Wallace Miranda on July 11, 2005, she founded the organization Alto al Secuestro AC, which she currently chairs, providing advice to relatives and victims of kidnapping.


Jorge García Cárdenas, better known as Mitzy, (Municipality of La Huacana, Michoacán, 1955) is a Mexican fashion and costume designer known for his work on television with actresses such as Thalia, Maria Félix, Salma Hayek, among others.

Edith Encalada

The singer is the one who actually denounced the Lebanese businessman Jean Succar Kuri. She was the one who opened the investigation on pedophilia and human trafficking in Quintana Roo.

Aida Cuevas

Aída Gabriela Cuevas Castillo (b. Mexico City; September 24, 1963) is a Mexican singer and actress with 45 years of professional artistic career, in the mariachi genre. She is currently known as “The Maximum Exponent of Mexican Music.”